Isobel Somerfield

D.C., M.Chiro., M.M.C.A., General Chiropractic Council Reg. 03611


Your First Visit

Most people are not referred for Chiropractic treatment by their GP so it is important that a full and careful history is taken by the Chiropractor to ensure that McTimoney Chiropractic is a safe and appropriate treatment for the presenting symptoms.

Patients will be asked about past and current illnesses, medications, previous accidents or surgery and a description of the current problem.

Once a full history has been recorded an examination, consisting of appropriate basic health checks, Neurological, Orthopaedic and Range of Motion assessments will be undertaken. These tests are to help determine the reason for the pain and in what positions any discomfort is triggered.

It is during this first appointment that an explanation of how McTimoney Chiropractic works and the likely benefits to the patient will be explored – as well as ascertaining what the patient is hoping to achieve and answering any questions or concerns he/she may have.
Patient’s individual histories vary, but typically, a patient might be advised to attend 3 – 6 weekly appointments with a gradually increasing period between appointments. After the initial course patients with chronic conditions often chose to attend for a routine check up every few months.

Usually a treatment will be given at the first appointment together with advice on how to optimize the effect Chiropractic treatment has on the whole body.

First appointments for people take about 1.5 hours but further appointments are generally 30/40 minutes.

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